Shure is an audio company based in the US that makes a wide range of equipment, including microphones. Shure offers products ranging from personal to professional models. These microphones can vary considerably from model to model, so it is worth learning their important characteristics.

Are there wireless Shure microphones?

Yes, some models of microphone have wireless connectivity. The advantage of a wireless mic is that it doesn't add to the tangle of cables around your equipment or computer. That is convenient, especially if you have headphones and other gear with cables. The most common technology for connectivity is Bluetooth. Wired connections include USB as well as connectors such as XLR, TRS, and TS.

What pickup types are available for a mic?

There are several designs of pickup. They include:

  • Cardioid: A design that picks up everything to the front and blocks out the back and rear. This is the most popular form across nearly all applications.
  • Hypercardioid and supercardioid: These have narrower front zones for more focus, but can also pick up some sound from directly behind them.
  • Omnidirectional: Takes in sound from all directions. This is used in areas with low background noise and good natural acoustics but may work poorly in loud environments.
  • Unidirectional: A general category that includes the cardioid types, unidirectional mics are focused on one direction and built to block out audio from other directions.

Each of these designs has its own applications depending on the type of music that you want to record as well as which instruments you are using. Vocals, guitars, and drums might all need different sets of microphones, for example.

What special features can Shure microphones have?

There are dozens of possible features. Some are sound-based, like filters, preamps, equalizers, and gain. Others are for convenience, like LED indicators, extra buttons and switches, and additional ports or connections. Among all of these, the filters tend to have the biggest impact, but it is also possible to buy them separately. Preamps and other effects can be replicated either in hardware or software farther down the signal chain.

What form factors can microphones have?

Microphones for different purposes have varied form factors. Shure offers gooseneck, hanging, headset, lapel, handheld, and modular microphones. Some of these are for interviews or television like the lapel mic while others are for live performance of various kinds, such as the handheld mic, which can also mount onto a stand. There are also three different types of microphone, including condenser, ribbon, and dynamic. Each of them can have different form factors according to their various roles and how you plan to use them in your recording.

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