Shotgun Parts

Shotgun Parts

Whether you use your tactical shotgun for hunting, target practice, or personal protection, it is important to have the right parts. The parts and accessories of a tactical shotgun can impact its performance as well as your enjoyment when using it.

What qualities should you look for when purchasing shotgun accessories?

With so many different options for accessories and parts for your tactical shotgun, it can take some time to find what you need. Looking at a few specific factors can help narrow down the options that would be right for your needs. When purchasing tactical shotgun accessories, you should look for and consider several factors.

  • Brand and Type: Whether you own a Remington, Mossberg, Benelli, or another brand of tactical shotgun weapon, be sure you are purchasing the right brand and type of parts to go along with your gun. Many parts are brand specific and will not work or work as well in other brands of guns.
  • Quality: Shotgun parts and accessories are generally of better quality and more reliable if they are plated to meet military specifications. Check the materials used in manufacturing. Materials such as textured rubber, fiberglass, and polymer are usually more durable and long-lasting. You may also want to research where they are made.
  • Ergonomics: Depending on your comfort and your preferences, you may want parts that are ergonomic, such as side saddles, charging handles, and sling attachments.
  • Safety: For your safety, the edges of the manufactured shotgun parts should have been deburred and dehorned.
What types of accessories do you need for a shotgun?

While the answer to this question can vary from one person to the next based on personal preferences and the use of their gun, there are a few basic accessories that everyone should have. These include:

  • Sights: Without a quality sight on your gun, you cannot make use of its full potential. These extend your range and accuracy.
  • Ammo Carriers: Depending on your use of your shotgun, you may keep birdshot loads, buckshot loads, and slug loads on hand. Everyone should have some sort of ammo carrier, such as an ammo loop that fits onto the side of the shotgun receiver or a leather or elastic boot that fits into the buttstock of the gun. No matter what kind of ammo carrier you use, keep in mind that you do not want to add too much extra weight.
  • Slings: Whether you are a marksman or a defensive shotgun owner, you will want some kind of sling or strap to help carry and hold your firearm.

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