Shoe Organizers

What to Know About Shoe Organizers

You don't have to struggle to find matching shoes when you keep them in a shoe rack. Available in many sizes and styles, a shoe organizer can keep your pairs together for grab-and-go access when you need it. Whether you wish to hide your shoes away in the closet, save space with shoe storage that fits over a door, or showcase your prized booties on a shelf for all to see, you can find an organizer on eBay that will suit your style.

Are there shoe racks available for larger shoes?

Many shoe storage options can accommodate larger shoe types, including boots. Shelf or rack styles can be used to store various sizes all in one place. You can also store them on specially designed hangers to keep them off the floor.

Many shoe organizers that hang over the door utilize pockets for hanging shoes. Look for those that have oversized pockets or other labels that indicate that larger shoes will fit. Check the dimensions of the shoe rack as well before your purchase to make sure that it will fit your needs.

What shoe storage options are there for men?

Common styles include stand-alone units, such as drop-front shoe boxes, shelves, and racks. These storage options can often be stacked together to save space and keep multiple pairs of shoes organized. Show storage units for men are available in many colors and materials, including:

  • White
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Plexiglass
Where can you place a hanging shoe organizer?

A shoe organizer that hangs can be attached to the rod in a closet for simple shoe storage. Many of these shoe racks can also be attached to a flat surface, such as a wall or the back of a door. A shoe rack that is made to go over the door typically has special hooks that hang over the top of the door. These types of racks can be attached to the back of the door with the appropriate hardware.

What type of shoe rack is designed for the closet?

When it comes time to store your footwear, the closet can be the place to keep your shoes within reach while out of the way. Racks that hang from the rod are popular options. An entire match can fit on each shelf of the rack or singly in pockets that hang side by side. If there is room to store gear on the floor or the shelf, a rack or shelf is an appropriate organizer.