Shipping Containers

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Types of shipping containers

There are different types of shipping containers to suit different purposes, some of which include the following:

  • Dry shipping containers: These are used to ship dry goods. They're the most common type of shipping container on the market.
  • Flat rack shipping containers: These are similar in looks to dry goods shipping containers, but they have collapsible sides that fold down to make a flat rack goods can be placed on.
  • Open-top shipping containers: These containers open from the top so that heavy materials can be lowered into them for shipping.
  • Open-side shipping containers: These containers open up from the side to make it easier to get wider items in and out of them.
  • Tunnel shipping containers: These shipping containers open on both ends to form a tunnel. They are designed with quick loading and unloading of goods.
  • Climate-controlled shipping containers: Climate-controlled shipping containers can be refrigerated or thermal. Refrigerated ones maintain a constant low temperature, while thermal ones are able to maintain a higher regulated temperature. Both are used to transport items like food and liquids that need to be kept at certain temperatures.

What sizes do shipping containers come in?

Shipping containers come in numerous sizes, including the following:

  • Standard: Standard units are 8 feet wide by 8 1/2 feet high. They come in either 20-foot or 40-foot lengths.
  • Extra tall: Extra tall units, also known as high cube containers, come as high as 9 1/2 feet.
  • Small: Small units are only 9–10 feet long.

When would you want to purchase used shipping containers?

Preowned shipping containers can be a viable option when you want to save money. Oftentimes you can find preowned shipping containers that function like new. They might have a few nicks in them, but if you care more about function than aesthetics, they could provide you with a more affordable way to ship and store your materials. You might also want to purchase a used shipped container if you're only going to be using it once or twice and only need it to last that long. A used shipping container can also be helpful if you want to try out a certain type of container before purchasing a new one.