Sharpie permanent markers are designed for countless uses and applications. Although the black Sharpie permanent markers are probably the most recognizable offering from the company, the brand also offers products, such as fine point pens and markers, in a range of colors, weights, and tips.

What types of products does Sharpie make?

Sharpie's product lines include ink pens, markers, and highlighters as well as special collections.

What types of markers does Sharpie make?

These products are available in Classic, Specialty, Art, and Pro lines. Classic Sharpie permanent markers come in 10 different ink colors and eight different styles (fine point, ultra-fine point, chisel, retractable, super, super-twin tip, and mini). The Specialty Sharpies include:

  • The Extreme line features ink can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wood, glass, plastic, and other surfaces. These ultra-permanent fine-point markers come in black, blue, red, and green.
  • Fine-point metallic versions are also available in gold, silver, and bronze.
  • The neon collection includes five fine-point hues that glow under a black light: pink, blue, green, orange, and yellow.

The Art collection comes in 12 colors and contain either water-based or oil-based paint. This category also includes fabric and brush applicator varieties. The professional products come in nine styles and five colors designed for industrial use; this category also includes wax crayons.

What kinds of Sharpie pens and highlighters are available?

The brand offers four pens in more than 21 colors, including an art pen with two different tips, a classic fine-point grip, a retractable pen, and a stainless steel version.

What types of highlighters are available from Sharpie?

Highlighters come in seven styles and up to 10 different shades. TThe options include a clear view stick and clear view tank, both in seven colors. Also, the pocket version, which comes with a tank, gel, a retractable highlighter, and liquid, has a clip in six colors. Highlighter nibs available include a chisel, narrow chisel, or gel stick.

How many colors are offered for Sharpie products?

While the number of hues may vary depending on the product offerings, these products are available in 49 shades. Buy a single hue or collect all your favorites.

What are the Sharpie special collections?

These sets include accessories for Sharpie products, such as reusable cases for markers and pens. This category also comprises two special color lines: the Color Burst and Electro Pop sets, each of which provides five vibrant neon hues available in two different nibs. The Sharpie Ultimate Packs include a total of 115 different permanent markers in a range of styles, sizes, colors, and tips for imaginable writing uses.

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