Sewing Machine Parts & Attachments

Sewing Machine Parts and Attachments

Having a sewing machine at home makes it easy to mend clothes and keep them looking great longer. It's also a wonderful hobby that allows anyone to express their creativity with many beautiful projects. There are many sewing parts available that can update your older sewing machine so that it is working like new again.

What types and brands of sewing machine parts are available?

Singer, Kenmore, Brother, Pfaff, Husqvarna Viking, Bernina, and Juki are brands with many parts and attachments. There are also a multitude of unbranded sewing machine parts that work with many different brands. You can find plenty of parts to keep your sewing machine running like new. Most sewing machines eventually need replacement belts, foot controls power cords, oil, bobbin cases, and needles. You can also find many accessories including bias tape makers, specialty presser feet, work lamps, and wonder clips for holding fabric together while sewing.

What are the different parts of a sewing machine?

A sewing machine has a variety of components. They work in unison to create dazzling designs and cute clothing.

  • Foot Control Pedal β€” The foot pedal controls the speed at which the needle moves up and down. It is generally connected to the power supply cord, plugging into the same outlet on the machine.
  • Presser Foot β€” There are many different types of presser feet available. The presser foot places pressure on the material being sewed so that the layers move appropriately for an even stitch. You choose depending on fabric type or the type of stitching needed such as button, zipper, or hem sewing.
  • Feed Dog β€” The feed dog is the part responsible for moving the layers of fabric forward to get the correct stitch length.
  • Bobbin β€” This part refers to the thread that is pulled up to interlock with the upper thread to create a strong stitch. While you can purchase these pre-filled, most of the time they are filled with the thread you are using on top. When shopping for sewing parts, check the size of the bobbin for machine compatibility, as each is different.
  • Spool Pin β€” The spool pin is usually located on the top of the machine to hold the top thread. Some sewing machines have multiple spool pins.
  • Bobbin Winder β€” This part is used to put thread on the bobbin before loading it into the bottom of the machine. Additionally, bobbin winders are available as separate machines so that you don't have to re-thread your sewing machine mid-project if your bobbin thread runs out.
  • Bobbin Case β€” This part holds the bobbin during use. Tension of the bobbin thread is adjusted with a screw on the bobbin case.
  • Needle β€” There are many different needles available to achieve the perfect stitch on certain materials. Sewing machines come equipped with universal needles, but some projects require different types. This is so you won't tear thinner fabric. This is also so you can get through thicker fabrics. Types include double needles, ball point, jersey, stretch, denim, and leather needles.

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