Sewing Machine Accessories

Sewing Machine Accessories

There is a handy assortment of sewing machine accessories that can help you achieve professional results each time you sit down at your machine. From a buttonhole attachment to an embroidery frame, to the correct presser foot for every job, the proper accessory will make the time you spend at your sewing machine more productive. Although you can collect a wide variety of products designed to simplify unusual sewing tasks, some accessories are essential to every well-equipped sewing machine storage cabinet.

What basic accessories do you need to start using a sewing machine?

Newcomers to the craft and accomplished seamstresses alike need only a few basic items to begin any project. Before you turn on your machine, you will need to select the accessories that are essential to machine sewing:

  • Sewing machine needles: You need a variety for stitching different types of fabric. Regular point and ball point sewing machine needles are preferred for many light and mid-weight fabrics. Finer work requires smaller needles, and jeans needles are recommended for stitching heavier fabrics like denim and canvas.
  • Bobbins: Sitting in a compartment under the throat plate, thread from your sewing machine's bobbin secures the stitches sewn through the top of the fabric. Experienced crafters often keep a supply of bobbins wound with their favorite threads on hand and ready to use. Both metal and plastic bobbins are available to fit most sewing machines.
  • Presser feet: A pressure foot holds the fabric flat as the feed dogs move it through the machine. From machine-quilting a king bedspread to constructing a silk blouse, tough sewing tasks become easy when the correct pressure foot is in place. Pressure feet with long and short shanks are available. Just be sure to choose an accessory that’s configured for your sewing machine brand.

What should you consider when purchasing an accessory?

When choosing a sewing machine accessory, you will want to make sure that it will do what you want it to do and that it will fit your machine. Many high-quality brands such as Husqvarna, Janome, and Bernina offer dozens of superbly crafted extras made especially for their sewing machines. Other manufacturers offer universal attachments that are designed to fit dozens of sewing machine brands.

How do you mount an accessory to the machine?

Attaching stitching aids to most modern sewing machines is a quick and easy process. A presser foot simply snaps on and off, while buttonhole, quilting, and embroidery aids hold fast with the turn of a screw. The average sewing machine accessory takes only seconds to switch in and out.

How can the right sewing machine accessory enhance your creative process?

Sewing enthusiasts with a little spare time on their hands will find that the right accessory will allow them to experiment. An accessory can also streamline construction and save you valuable time.