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Seniors Flex Graphite Shaft Iron Set Golf Clubs

Since the first recorded mention of golf in 1497, golf shafts have seen incredible changes. From the original ash or hazel to alloy, the golf club shaft evolved with technology, with steel, wood, and graphite used. Golf players have two principal types of shafts from which to choose, with several levels of flexibility.

How is flexibility measured and rated in golf clubs?

To measure the flex of a golf club, weight is attached to the tip of the head with the other end of the extended handle attached to a vibration measuring device anchored in a fixed position. The amount of vibration resonation measured determines the flexibility level. The more vibration resonance, the less flex. Typically, flexibility ratings for golfers are produced in five levels.

  • Ladies is the level with the most flexibility.
  • The senior flexibility level produces longer drives with less swing speed.
  • The regular level allows more vibration through to the hands of the player but sacrifices power delivery to the ball.
  • The stiff level delivers a lot of feel.
  • The extra-stiff level delivers the most feel through a steel shaft, allowing for maximum control of the strike.

What shafts use graphite?

Though some club manufacturers like Ping and Callaway still produce a few steel shafts in drivers and woods, graphite shafts are more common for long game strikes. Graphite shafts generate a good deal of power with one swing, though with less accuracy.

What's the difference between senior flexibility and regular flexibility iron?

The difference between the use of a senior or regular club is immense. The flexibility generated by using graphite shafts results in greater distance with each strike but sacrifices accuracy as a cost of that distance.

  • Regular flexibility shafts dampen some of the “feel” from the strike. Regular flexibility also offers more control.
  • Senior flexibility iron generates more distance through greater power. If you’re using high graphite level flexibility, the distance generated is the same.

Does greater iron flex instantly provide an upgrade in results?

When using the iron club, you are seeking some distance with greater accuracy than you do with fairway woods or drivers. When you move from a regular flex club to an increased flex club, you are moving to a lighter club as well. Graphite is much lighter than steel. The flexibility in a higher ratio graphite club generates a longer distance with each strike. However, if you are used to using a regular flex iron, you can easily overshoot when using a different flexibility level iron. Practice will bring back your accuracy.

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