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Selmer Tenor Saxophones

Your Complete Tone in Selmer Tenor Saxophones

A saxophone becomes a personal matter once you better understand the parts and pieces to adjust while playing. Full-bodied Selmer tenor saxophones put the keys and grid into your palms where your fingers can relax and play. Your tone is achieved with a set bend and a seal to let air pass for a tenor tone.

How is tone maintained throughout a tenor sax?

The tone of a slim Selmer tenor saxophone comes from a bend of the horn and the air-tight seal it makes from key-holes. Every open space changes volume, tone, and notation. The size of the tenor is a factor that changes tone and pushes air to achieve volume. Its seals are made with leather caps built under the keys for a soft, tight feel.

The sax’s rib is positioned to raise and lower the keys depending on your hand positions. This combination of opened and closed seals enable the smooth Selmer tenor saxophone to sustain its unmistakable tone.

The finer details of a tenor sax in your hands

A better understanding of the polished Selmer tenor saxophone is important to using it at its maximum potential. Here’s a look at what’s in store:

  • Volume: This package uses a slim entry point for air and as a way of pressuring your breath for a final touch of volume.
  • Tone: Tone is obtained from brass, from reed adjustments, and from the calibration in listed keys.
  • Weight: The weight of the sax is managed with a strap as you need it and with a curved bend into the lower portion of the horn.
  • Protection: The outer layer of a tenor is treated for a polished look and to provide you with a first line of defense against scratches, drops, or falls. Brass is durable and can resist being dented in most cases.
  • Renewed: Used saxes offer players a wider variety in most cases by allowing them to find sounds that aren’t made today. Though it might not be true for other instruments, the standard of past saxes is still sought after, and Selmer tenors can be found renewed for this reason.
What additional parts does this sax need?

Reeds are replaceable items, but the rest of the assembly is packaged to play this very moment. You’ll find the option to break apart the sax for storing and cleaning as you need to. These pieces fit neatly back together without hurting your future playing, feel, or look.

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