Selmer Mark Vi Tenor Saxophones

Jazz It Up with Selmar Mark IV Tenor Saxophones

Pick up this vintage instrument and give music a real chance with the Selmar Mark IV tenor saxophone. For a great price, you can find a new or pre-owned Selmar Mark IV tenor saxophone on eBay.

What are the main features?

The horn has a number of distinct features that make it stand out from most instruments. For starters, it is part of the woodwind family, so it requires you to breath into the mouthpiece in order for you to project notes. Since it is a tenor instrument, it is considered a horn with "middle range" capacity. High notes can be hit, but the best sounding notes come from the Ab2 to E5 range. It produces a tone that is considered very bright, yet punchy.

What styles is the saxophone known for?

The saxophone has been played in many different settings over its lifespan. It has been played in chamber music settings, providing melody and harmonies in different chorales or cannons. It has also been heavily featured in American music such as jazz. In fact, the saxophone may be one of the most popular instruments associated with that style of music. It is also a heavy favorite in educational settings such as high school and college marching bands.

What types of saxophones exist?

In addition to the previously mentioned horn, you can also play other types of saxophones that have different ranges. There are two other common types of saxophone instruments:

  • Alto: The alto saxophone is a smaller saxophone than other models. It has the ability to hit higher notes and play within a different range. It is considered an Eb instrument because of its base pitch that is played when none of the keys are pressed into. These were common among many famous jazz saxophonists in all eras of the style, especially the Post Bop era.
  • Baritone: The baritone sax is one of the lowest pitched horns of the saxophone family and has a base pitch of Eb. These are known to provide the low end in settings such as jazz combos and marching bands.
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