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Jeep Grand Cherokee Seat Covers

Jeep Grand Cherokee seat covers feature a variety of materials and patterns, including leather, cloth, printed, sheepskin, towel, pet, cushions, and upholstery. Each one offers different benefits. Being able to select individual seat covers provides you with an element of stylistic authority for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

What do leather seat covers offer?

Some seat covers accommodate a headrest, while others cover the bottom and back of the seat. Some are embroidered with seams, while others are more malleable and lack seams entirely. Different colors of leather, such as black, grey, brown, navy, and even white, are available to fit the seats in your Cherokee.

What are some qualities of cloth seat covers?

Cloth seat covers encompass a wide variety of textiles. Heavier-weight materials like corduroy and wool are available, as well as lighter options like linen and synthetic blends. Nylon is a common choice due to its ability to wick moisture away from the body in higher temperatures. Terry cloth is another common option, as it is both soft to the touch and effective at absorbing moisture and potential spills.

What varieties of printed seat covers are available?

Printed seat covers are available in almost any pattern imaginable, including plaid, stripes, polka dots, team logos, florals, cartoon characters, and animals. These prints feature a wide array of colors to provide you with stylistic options to meet your needs for your Cherokee. Elastic is a common agent in printed seat covers to help them fit snugly onto the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s seats.

What do sheepskin sheaths offer?

Sheepskin sheaths afford some luxury to your vehicle. They are soft to the touch, warm in cool weather, and able to be combined with a heated seat feature in some Jeep models for extra heat. The material they are made from provides a particular look that is coveted among many Jeep drivers.

What kinds of towel covers are available?

Towel seat covers are relatively straightforward; they are made from towels with different logos on them. These can include characters, icons, people, sports teams, groups, organizations, and monograms. The logo typically faces forward on the driver’s and passengers' seats. The same type of towel cover can be used in all of the seats in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, or each seat can be personalized with a different cover based on who occupies them more frequently.

What qualities do pet seat covers possess?

Pet seat covers are made from especially durable material that includes different elements of plastic. Dogs and cats can shed on these seat covers and leave spots that can be easily washed out and removed. There is less pressure to keep seats clean, and more focus can be given to keeping furry companions happy during the drive.

What are other options for covering seats?

Cushions and upholstery are other options to include in seat covers. Cushions can fit under separate seat covers or can be built into them as one piece. Upholstered seats can be left bare or embellished with any type of cover made from any sort of material or textile.