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Selecting From the Many Different Types of Scooters

The scooters on eBay include electric, manual, and gas-powered types. You might want to get yourself or your kids a fun alternative to a bike, and an affordable scooter is a great option.

Scooter varieties

When looking for new or preowned scooters for sale on eBay, several different varieties come up, including:

  • Electric scooters: An electric scooter is powered by a small motor and usually reaches top speeds of around 10 miles an hour. An electric scooter can be easily charged by simply plugging it into a wall outlet. A full charge-up usually takes three to five hours.
  • Manual scooters: A manual scooter does not include a motor of any kind. These reasonably priced scooters can provide a good deal of exercise through propelling the scooter with your feet.
  • Gas scooters: If you're looking for a gas scooter for sale, you'll find a wide selection to choose from. Gas scooters are the fastest type of scooter. They are primarily designed for adults and teenagers.
Which features are available in a scooter?

There are several different important things to look for when browsing eBay scooters for sale.

  • Mode of propulsion: Are you looking for a gas, electric or manual scooter?
  • Size: There are two main sizes for scooters. Some are made for adults while smaller varieties are designed primarily for children.
  • Top speed: Manual scooters go as fast as you can propel them, which usually isn't very fast. Electric models can hit 10-15 miles an hour. Gas models may be capable of 30 miles an hour or more.
Which brands of scooters are available?

There are several well-established scooter brands that you can find in new and used condition on eBay. These brands include AeYo, Bealoving, and Lime. Here is a breakdown of the various features of these three brands:

  • AeYo: Using the brand filter for AeYo on eBay will reveal a unique scooter/bike/rollerblade hybrid. This scooter is manually powered and lets you exercise and get from place to place in a variety of ways.
  • Bealoving: This brand is known for making an affordable electric Bealoving scooter primarily marketed toward adults. This scooter can reach a top speed of roughly 15 miles an hour.
  • Lime: Lime also makes an electric scooter. The Lime scooter for sale is designed for children. This scooter can reach a top speed of about 10 miles an hour.
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