Science & Medicine Collectibles (1930-Now)

How Do You Maintain a Vintage Scientific Barometer?

Wipe the surface of the vintage barometer with a lint-free microfiber cloth on a regular basis to remove dirt and dust particles. Clean the glass panels by rubbing with damp cotton wool or applying a mixture of warm water and gentle dishwashing liquid to remove stubborn spots. Do not use harsh metal polish or glass cleaner to clean the barometer, as these can damage the internal mechanisms and diminish the patina on certain pieces. If the item features any delicate lenses, clean with a soft bristle brush, being careful not to disturb the inner components.

How Do You Start a Medical Antiques Collection?

The first step in beginning a medical antiques collection it selecting a niche. Dentistry, medical, optical, and nursing are just a few of the specialties you can choose. Collectors should identify which era resonates with them, as well. In some cases, selecting specific medical items may be ideal, such as stethoscopes or skulls that serve as instructional tools. Start by finding a piece that catches the eye and is relatively inexpensive or purchase a medical collectible lot and see which items stand out.

What Should You Consider When Selecting a Vintage Drafting Set?

The condition and completeness are important considerations when choosing a vintage drafting set. Ideally, the set should contain all of its original instruments and be free of rust stains and deep scratches or dents. The box itself should also be in good condition and free of tears, mold, and mildew. Lastly, try to narrow the search for the perfect set down to a specific era or brand, such as Dietzgen or Keuffel and Esser pieces. This ensures that the collection focuses on a specific niche rather than including an eclectic mix of random items that lack cohesiveness.