Sci-Fi & Horror Collectibles

Science Fiction & Horror Collectibles

What Are Some Ideal Collectibles to Look for When Starting a Science Fiction and Horror Collection?

Science fiction and horror collectibles encompass many iconic television and film titles, including "Star Wars," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and "Dr. Who." When looking for valuable finds, items like action figures, pins, vehicle models, patches, trading cards, and apparel are ideal collectibles. Whenever possible, browse official and licensed items to discover authentic collectibles for your assortment of toys and treasures. 

What Are Some Tips for Collecting Action Figures?

When first starting an action figure collection, focus on a specific theme to start with and do research to determine which toys you might want to look for first. Inspect toys for damage and blemishes, as action figures with missing limbs, worn paint, and missing accessories are often less valuable. If possible, look for complete toy sets that have all of the parts and even the original box. Attending toy conventions is a great way to get some advice from seasoned collectors. Finally, make sure that the action figures have proper care and storage, including clear cases for display in moisture-free places. 

How Should You Properly Package and Store Collectible Items?

To maintain their value, take extra precaution when packaging and storing collectibles such as action figures, comic books, LEGO sets, and trading cards. Always lay comic books flat in a container, and if possible use protective Mylar sleeves to keep them separated. Store action figures and toys in original boxes, but keep them inside of containers and away from direct sunlight. Take extra precaution with breakable collectibles like plates, glassware, and fragile figurines, wrapping them in paper, soft cloth, or bubble wrap before placing them into containers. Fill empty spaces between fragile items using peanuts or extra bubble wrap, and stack lighter containers on top of heavier ones.