School Backpacks

Key Things to Think About When Looking for School Backpacks

School backpacks allow the user to tote around everything they need for school or even work in an easy and functional way. When choosing school book bags, people usually look for and choose ones with features that meet their specific needs. Some people favor design over function while others need their backpacks to work as hard as they do. If you're in the market for school backpacks on eBay, some of the following information may help you make your decision.

What types of backpacks are there to choose from?

Even though backpacks tend to all look the same at first glance, it soon becomes clear that there are actually many different types of backpacks available. The one you end up choosing will depend on what you're looking for and how you'll be using it.

  • Laptop Backpack: A laptop backpack is the perfect choice for people who are looking for a bag specifically for carrying around their laptop. While many backpacks can hold laptops, a dedicated laptop bag has certain features, materials, and pockets that help you keep your laptop and its accessories safe.
  • Classic or Vintage Backpack: The classic or vintage backpack is the old-school book bag that features a main compartment that's designed to hold books and other items. It also has a front or side compartment that holds items like phones, keys, and other smaller pieces.
  • Path to Pavement Backpack: These backpacks have a more rugged design that makes them look more like outdoor bags. They have features like durable material, laptop sleeves, and large main compartments.
What are the benefits of wheeled backpacks?

Backpacks with wheels are ideal for people who have to carry around lots of items like tons of books. Because they're wheeled, they can be pulled from place to place, making them a great option if you have to travel long distances or to many different places.

What backpack features help protect electronic equipment?

Electronic equipment like phones and computers need to be carried in backpacks that will keep them safe. Choose backpacks that have good water-resistant material like CORDURA nylon or polyester to help protect your devices from rain or sudden spills. Canvas backpacks on their own are not waterproof. You also want to look for backpacks that have padding so that your devices are protected in case you bump the backpack into something or you drop it.