Sandvik is an engineering company founded in Sandviken, Sweden, in 1862 that specializes in tools and tooling systems for a number of industries globally. Sandvik Coromant was established as a subsidiary of the Sandvik group in 1942 and is responsible for producing tools for machine shops.

What types of products does Sandvik offer?

Examples of their products include the cutting, boring, grinding, and shearing equipment found in machine shops, and the equipment and tools found on mining and construction sites. They also produce stainless steel and other alloy pipes, wires, strips, powders, and the like for industrial buyers as well as boring heads, bars, and insert grades.

What sorts of inserts does Sandvik Coromant offer?

Cutting tools such as mills, tool bits, and saw blades will often use a replaceable tip or insert to customize to the materials, shape, size, nose radius, geometry, and grade of the cut. The cutting edge of the insert will be made of a separate piece of hardened metal that is either welded, brazed, or clamped onto the body of the insert. Common tip materials include carbide inserts, diamond, and boron nitride, but the majority of Sandvik Coromant products are carbide inserts.

Sandvik Coromant manufactures the following six types of inserts for turning, parting and grooving, threading, milling, drilling, and boring. Each type has further subtypes that are designed either for steel, stainless, cast iron, non-ferrous, titanium, and hardened steel. There are hundreds of options within these categories covering every possible metal cutting operation.

What other products does Sandvik Coromant offer?
  • Boring out holes in pieces of metal requires that the head on the bore be versatile enough to handle different sizes and shapes. The 391.37A/B system can either be used for face grooving or fine boring operations, is adjustable down to the micron range, and can be built into modular assemblies. It has conventional and high-speed capabilities, is able to function up to 20,000 RPM, has option reduction sleeves from sizes 20 to 16, and can run an internal coolant supply or cutting fluid through it.
  • The Steel T-Max Q-Cut Blade Parting Tool Holder is a complete single edge item for parting off, grooving and internal face grooving workpieces. It is suitable for parting off large pieces and deep grooving applications. It comes with a wide range of widths for versatility, features grades and geometries for all materials, has a single-edged V-clamp for extra stability, and is not meant for turning operations.
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