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Buying Guide for SanDisk 64GB SDXC Camera Memory Cards

SanDisk is a manufacturer that produces numerous memory cards for digital cameras and other devices. These SD cards give you extra external memory so that you can store files such as photos and videos. This guide will assist you in choosing the proper memory card so that you will know whether you need a Class 10 or 4 card.

What does SDXC mean?

SDXC stands for secure digital extended capacity. This acronym is applied to any memory card that offers more than 32GB of memory. If the SD memory card offers 4GB to 32GB of storage, then it's called an SDHC or secure digital high capacity card. Aside from the overall capacity, these acronyms do not refer to performance or any other attributes of the card. Both the SDXC and SDHC types of cards offer nonvolatile memory similar to flash drives.

What sizes do 64GB memory cards come in?

This manufacturer's line of 64GB memory cards comes in two different sizes. Be sure to check your camera to determine which one will fit, and see the manufacturer site for details. You can insert the smaller memory card into a larger slot with an adapter, but you cannot put a larger card into a smaller slot. The two sizes are:

  • Standard SD: These SD cards are 32mm tall and 24mm wide.
  • MicroSD: These SD cards are 15mm tall and 11mm wide.
What are all the symbols and numbers on the card?

When you look at the front of the memory card, you will notice a variety of numbers and symbols. These refer to various aspects of the card's performance and speed. Here are the most common symbols and figures that you will see on the front of a SanDisk card.

  • C symbol: The C symbols stands for Class, which refers to the card's read and write speeds in MBs. For example, Class 10 has a minimum speed of 10MBs while a Class 4 would have a minimum speed of 4MBs.
  • U symbol: This stand for ultra high speed or UHS. A U1 card has a minimum speed of 10MBs while a U3 card has a minimum speed of 30MBs.
  • V symbol: This stands for video speed and is used for recording video with digital cameras and other devices. Much like Class, the number next to the large V refers to the minimum speed of the card. So V60 has a speed of 60MBs.
  • Numbered MBs: The manufacturer will sometimes place a numbered MB figure on the front of the card that exceeds the minimum speed of the classification. For example, you may see 80MBs on a U3 SD card. This is the manufacturer's claim about how fast the card should go under optimal conditions, but it is only a claim and not a guarantee.
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