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Change the Look and Feel of Your Samsung Smart Watch With Interchangeable Bands

Samsung's line of smartwatches not only includes multifunction digital watches with advanced features akin to their smartphones, but the band that comes with the watch is also interchangeable. This means that you're never stuck with just one style. Being able to change the watchband means that a single Samsung Gear S2 can be appropriate for any occasion. Before you browse through eBay's listings of affordable new and preowned Samsung smartwatch bands, take a look through the following tips about what to look for.

The features of Samsung Galaxy watch bands

Many of the Samsung Galaxy watch straps you'll find on eBay include a variety of features not found on the standard straps that come with the watch. A bracelet-style band includes a magnetic clasp rather than the traditional styles featuring a metal pin and hole inserted into the watch, making them perfect if you want something daintier or easier to fit. There are also a variety of materials used in third-party Samsung Gear S2 bands. Instead of silicone or rubber, you can shop for materials like leather or nylon for fashion or breathability. Reflective watch bands offer protection and reflect light when walking outside at night or in the early mornings. There are also a number of designer bands available for purchase, like the Samsung Gear S2 Band Mendini Design Edition. Shop around to see all the different styles available.

When is it a good idea to buy used Galaxy watch bands?

A number of eBay's Samsung Galaxy watch bands product listings include used or opened watch bands. Consider purchasing used bands if you are looking for more than one band. You have the ability to find cheap lots featuring multiple Samsung watch bands all together in an affordable listing, often in like-new condition. You also have the option to save money on used bands if you go through bands a lot. For example, active runners, campers, or people who work in construction may wear down their bands more. Easily replace the bands with used purchases and build up a collection of them to always have them on hand.

Recognizing the differences between Samsung smartwatch bands

There are two main ways that Samsung smartwatches connect to the watch bands. Any type of square or rectangular watch face will have a single solid band. The watch face gets inserted inside of the band where it is held in place from all sides. In contrast, circular Samsung smartwatches like the Samsung Gear Sport feature watch bands that come in two pieces. One side connects to the top of the watch, and the other connects to the bottom. Once the sides are securely in place, the watch easily attaches to the wrist. Understanding the two types will make it easier to make a decision as you shop.

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