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In choosing your next mobile phone, consider the important features you want to go with. Also, pair your new find with helpful accessories and protectors that dress it up and keep it safe.

What Are Useful Smartphone Accessories?

  • microSD Cards. These storage extenders are important for heavy phone users. With microSD cards, you free your internal storage from carrying too much data. microSD cards are available in large 128 GB, and 256 GB variants. A 400 GB one is available as well.
  • Mobile Phone Stands. These accessories free your hands while reading documents, browsing online via Wi-Fi or LTE mobile data, watching videos, and more. Stands are adjustable, thereby compatible with Samsung and other brands of smartphones.
  • Noise-Cancelling Headphones. With a noise-cancelling feature, you get rid of ambient noise. You can hear audio clearly even in a crowded and noise-filled environment.

What Are Ways to Protect Your Smartphone?

Prolong the life and quality of your Android communication device with the use of the following:

  • Screen Protectors. Most mobile device screens are now scratch resistant. Still, an added screen protector can help to keep your cell phone in pristine condition. T-Mobile locked Samsung GSM phones and other models can use plastic film protectors or tempered glass screen protectors.
  • Cell Phone Cases. Keep your smartphone in a casing when not in use. This protects your phone from dust and accidental water spillage. You also lessen the impact from accidental drops when the phone has a cover. Cases for small and large cell phones like the Galaxy Note 3 are easy to find.
  • Arm Bands. Protect your Android device from sweat during a run or workout. Use arm bands and mobile holders while you exercise and do your sports activities. Arm bands protect especially the back housing and rear camera lens of your phone.
  • Flip Covers. These give you a convenient way of protecting especially the front part of your phone. Flip the cover open for immediate use and flip it close for immediate protection. Flip covers are most useful in protecting your front-facing camera. Sizes vary and are available even for phablets like the Galaxy Note 3.

What Are Other Smartphone Accessories?

  • Battery Packs.Keep a spare battery pack to ensure you get back-up power on the road.
  • Car Chargers. Charging your phone while traveling is an important consideration. Keep a charger with you if you do long drives on a frequent basis.
  • Car Mounts. For road travelers who depend on Navi Apps, consider putting a car mount for handsfree convenience in taking calls and viewing navigational aids.

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