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Samsung Cell Phone and Smartphone Parts

Cellphone and smartphone parts can help to make a phone work like new after it has been broken. Normally, the cause for a broken phone will come down to one specific part that has stopped working. Replacing a part for a Samsung cell or smartphone can keep you from needing to get a new one altogether.

What are the most common smartphone parts that break?

A broken phone can come down to a number of different causes, but the most common include:

  • LCD Screen Touch Screen Digitizer - The LCD screen touch digitizer is the part of the phone touchscreen that converts your touch movements, like swiping, into signals that the phone can comprehend. When this part stops working, you may notice your touchscreen not working properly.
  • Battery - If your phone won't hold a charge or won't charge at all, the issue could be the battery itself. Batteries can sustain damage if the phone is dropped or left in the heat. Replacing a battery could fix power issues.
  • Rear Camera Lens Glass Cover - It's common for the glass cover on the phone's rear camera to break if the phone is dropped or bumped. This can prevent you from being able to take pictures. Replacing the glass can make your camera work like normal again.
  • Back Battery Door Glass - If there are cracks, or if irreparable damage is done to the back casing of a phone, replacing it with a new casing can help protect the battery and camera from dirt built-up and further damage. Although the back casing for most cell devices is easily detachable, some require a removal pick tool and adhesive for reattachment.
  • Headphone Jacks - The stress placed on a headphone jack each time you insert headphones can cause damage. However, it is possible to open up the phone and replace the self-contained module.
What tools will you need to replace your phone's parts?

There are a few specific tools you may need if you plan on opening up your phone to replace the parts. These include:

  • Screwdrivers - Screwdrivers of varying sizes and different heads may be needed for different areas of the phone.
  • Screw Heads - Some phones contain specialty screws that you'll need a specific head for.
  • Screen Pry Tools - These tools help to pry open parts of the phone that are pressed together, like the plastic casing or the screen and digitizer.
How do you open a smartphone case to replace parts?

In order to replace parts like your headphone jack or rear camera, you'll need to open up the casing of the phone. Each phone will work differently, but generally, you can follow these steps:

  • Remove the back cover - This can be done with your hands.
  • Remove exposed parts - You'll need to take out your phone's battery, the SIM card, and the microSD card.
  • Remove the back of the casing - Remove the screws on the back of the phone to remove this panel. You may need to pry this part open with a tool after removing the screws. After removing this part, you should be able to access the parts of the Samsung phone you need to fix.
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