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Everything You Need to Know About Selecting Samsung Cell Phone Chargers and Cradles

Electronic devices that have a battery need to be charged every so often. In order to charge the device, you need a compatible charger or cradle to deliver power to the battery. On eBay, you can find many affordable Samsung cell phone chargers and cradles in different types and with a variety of features.

What types of devices pair with these Samsung chargers?

The device compatibility for these Samsung cell phone chargers and cradles includes the A3 to A8s, Ace, Notes, Alpha, Grand, Fame, Centura, Core, Exhibit, Express, and other versions of the Galaxy. There are also chargers that work with the Samsung Rugby, Nexus, and Stratosphere cell phones. Some of the chargers will work with more than one model of Samsung cell phone, and you can determine compatibility by referring to your owner's manual for model numbers of chargers that will work with your cell phone.

How do you choose one of the Samsung chargers?

When shopping for new and pre-owned Samsung cell phone chargers and cradles on eBay, you might consider its

  • Number of ports - There are options with one to 10 ports for charging your devices simultaneously.
  • Color - The options include black and white.
  • Condition - Select from new, manufacturer's refurbished, or used chargers.
  • Style - Choose the charger only or a kit that includes cords or cables.
  • Type - There are chargers for the car, home, or both.
What are the available types of Samsung chargers on eBay?
  • Car - These chargers plug into the car's cigarette lighter or into a specific type of port in the vehicle.
  • Mat - Devices can be placed onto it in order to get charged.
  • Wall - This unit plugs into a wall outlet and often has multiple ports.
  • Dock - The device fits into the charger and can be used while it is charging.
  • Kinetic - This style of charger uses a Wi-Fi network to deliver power to the cell phone.
What are the available connectivity options for the Samsung chargers?

The connectivity options for Samsung chargers include

  • 30-pin - These plug into the device.
  • USB - This includes mini USB, micro USB, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0.
  • Lightning - This uses a cable to connect the device to the charger.
  • Wireless - No cords or cables are used to connect the cell phone to the charger. The charger and device both connect to your Wi-Fi network.
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