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All about Samsung Cell Phones for Alltel

Although cell phones and smartphones have become an essential tool for keeping in touch, the contracts that they often come with may not meet your needs. There are a variety of Samsung cell phones available that are compatible with Alltel, a company that provides prepaid cellular service.

What is a prepaid or no-contract plan?

Prepaid or no-contract cellular services, such as Alltel, do not require a monthly contract. Instead, you prepay for the number of minutes, texts, or other data that you intend to use. Depending on the prepaid service that works for your needs, you can also opt for a full month's use that may include limited or unlimited minutes and data.

What style of phones without contracts are available?

There are four main types of Samsung cell phones that are compatible with Alltel. They include:

  • Flip: These cell phones have a hinge in the middle that allows the phone to fold in half. The display and a numeric keypad are tucked away inside. The device may also have an external display to allow you to look at the time.
  • Slider: These phones have a QWERTY keyboard that sits behind the display. When you want to use the keyboard, you slide it out to the side or to the bottom, depending on the model. This allows you to text or type emails without obscuring the screen.
  • Candybar: This type of phone also includes a QWERTY keyboard, though it is positioned directly underneath the display.
  • Touchscreen: Smartphones with touchscreens may not feature any physical buttons beneath the display. To text and type, the device will often pull up a digital keyboard to type with.
What hardware should you look at when choosing a phone?

Phones that are compatible with Alltel may have a variety of different hardware and software to choose from. They include:

  • Processors: Processor speed has an impact on how fast the device will work. Some flip and slider phones have single-core processors while touchscreen devices may have dual-core or even quad-core processors to power them.
  • Internal memory: Built-in storage refers to how much storage the device comes with. This memory can store text message threads and app data. Some phones have as little as 80MB while others may have up to 32GB or more. On some prepaid phones, you may be able to expand the storage with a microSD card.
  • RAM: A phone's RAM provides temporary storage for data that the device is either using or holding for quick use. The more RAM a phone has, the more responsive it can be when in use.
  • Connectivity: Most devices are compatible with wireless networks and hot spots. Some devices may also have Bluetooth, which allows you to connect the device to other electronics, like a car stereo, even if you do not have a wireless connection.
  • Camera: Most cell phones have at least one camera. Some may have both a primary and a secondary camera that has different features and modes.
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