Sokkia provides a variety of products that are used in the surveying, mapping, and GIS industry. Some of the products include total stations, levels, and data collectors.

What is a Sokkia Total Station?

Sokkia’s total station combines an electronic theodolite with an electronic distance meter. Total stations are designed to help take surveying calculations. Some total stations are designed to be used by a single surveyor and have robotic components to aid you in the field. A total station will allow you to take distance and horizontal calculations at the same time.

What should you consider when selecting Sokkia equipment?

It can be difficult to select Sokkia surveying equipment with the different options available. Following these tips can be helpful when making a selection.

  • Choose features. Some models will have a built-in data entry device while others can connect to a laptop or tablet.
  • Choose a surveying type. There are reflectorless models available that can be useful for measuring areas where it’s difficult to access the location. Other models will need to use prisms to accurately take values.
  • Select GPS features. If you’re surveying an area with varied terrain, a GPS receiver can allow you to take values without requiring line of sight.
  • Choose a setup option. Some models require the use of a tripod in order to take values while smaller devices can be handheld.
What features are available on a Total-Station?

Understanding the features available on a Sokkia total-station can be helpful in choosing between the different models. Here are some features that you may want to consider.

  • Battery life. If you’re surveying in a remote area, you will want to consider how long the instrument can be used for between charging. Some batteries can last up to three days or allow you to switch out batteries when one is depleted.
  • Measurement range. Some total stations will have a reflectorless range of up to 1,700 feet. If you need to take measurements at greater distances, you can make use of prisms.
  • Memory storage. Some total stations will allow you to enter and record data. Models with expandable memory will allow you to go for longer recording sessions without connecting a computer.
  • Durability. Consider models that are dust-proof and water-resistant if the total station will be used remotely or in adverse weather conditions.
What is a Sokkia Rotating Surveying Laser?

A rotating surveying laser can be helpful for creating a level reference plane for surveying heights. Rotating models can utilize self-leveling units that allow you to set up in a short amount of time. A Sokkia rotating surveying laser helps you to take accurate measurements and can be set up and used by a single person.

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