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Reliable SATA Female to Female Drive Cables and Adapters

If youre looking to connect your computer to an external hard drive, SATA female to female drive cables and adapters will allow you to connect your computer, motherboard, or host bus adapter to your mass storage device or hard drive. These products may come in a variety of styles and models. Additionally, these cables and adapters are available from a number of different brands and are also available as unbranded items.

What is SATA?

SATA stands for serial ATA or serial AT attachment. SATA is the successor to the Parallel AT (PATA) standard. These days, SATA standard is a computer bus or communication system that connects host bus adapters, found on the motherboard, to various mass storage devices or hard drives. These mass storage devices can be solid-state drives (SSD), hard-disk drives (HDD), other hard drives, or optical drives.

What does "female to female" mean?

Connectors, the interface found at the end of each cable, can either be male or female. Male means that the interface has a protrusion that allows it to only connect to an interface that has a depression. "Female to female" means that the cable will have a female interface at both ends of the cable. Therefore, both of your devices, such as your computer and your external hard drive, must have a corresponding male interface for full compatibility with this product.

What type of SATA connectors are available?

There are two primary SATA connectors. One is a power interface with 15 pins and the other is a data interface with 7 pins. The power interface, which is found on the power cable, will be wider than the data interface. Additionally, the data interface may also be available as a left-angled or right-angled version. The product photo and description will describe exactly which type of connector interface is being offered.

What are the cables available speeds?

The data transfer rate on SATA cables can range from 1.5Gbps to 15Gbps. The data speeds available are 1.5Gbps, 3.0Gbps, 6.0Gbps, and 16Gbps. The product title and description will typically tell you which data speed will be available from the cable. Please note that some listings will measure the data speed by either Gbit/s or Gbps. Both measurements are identical.

What devices are compatible?

There are a number of storage drives, hard drives, SATA drives, optical reader drives, and devices that are compatible with the SATA cables. To ensure that your device is compatible with these cables, check for a male SATA data connector on the device. The connector will have the 7 data pins protruding from the interface. Below is a listing of storage devices that have this type of SATA interface available.

  • SATA Drives
  • Hard Drives
  • Blu-ray/DVD/CD drives
  • Other Serial ATA devices

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