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Get the Most Out of Sanyo Rechargeable Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Li-ion batteries are good to have on hand in your household for a variety of uses and devices with your electronics. You may want to use them in your television remote as you can expect a long-lasting charge, lessening the likelihood that you will have to scramble for new ones during your favorite show.

What are rechargeable Li-ion batteries used for?

Rechargeable Sanyo Li-ion batteries can power many of your devices without you having to replace the lithium-ion battery pack when one or more battery loses power. For example, one of the most important devices that use this kind of battery is the pacemaker. The technology used in this battery has a long life; otherwise, it would not be used in implantable medical devices. Other devices that use a lithium-ion battery may include:

  • Smartphones: This Li-ion battery pack is probably the easiest to understand because you use it every day.
  • Digital cameras: Using rechargeable Sanyo batteries or a battery pack makes it easier and less expensive to always keep backup rechargeable batteries on hand so you don't miss the big shot.
  • Alarm systems: Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are commonly used in these systems because of their long life.
Are lithium batteries the same as lithium-ion rechargeable batteries?

While the two battery types are closely related, there are marked differences between them. Most notably, the lithium battery does not have the ability to be recharged. Always ensure you are placing a rechargeable Sanyo lithium-ion battery into your battery charger.

Which battery should you use in your Sanyo TV remote?

As with any device, this is completely up to you. You can have a stack of non-rechargeable or lithium batteries nearby or just a few rechargeable Li-ion batteries so that your remote never stops dead in the middle of your favorite show. If you typically use a lithium-ion battery charger in your home or business, it is probably wise to make it a habit to purchase Sanyo Li-ion batteries to ensure they are the ones you place in your charger.

When should you recharge your Sanyo Li-ion batteries?

Ideally, there should still be 10% to 20% of lithium-ion battery power remaining before placing a battery in the charger. This practice will help lengthen the lifespan of your Lithium-ion batteries. Most devices still have at least 10% capacity remaining or you wouldn't get the screen that tells you to charge your device.

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