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Finding Collectible Rolling Stones Posters Online: What to Keep in Mind

Few bands are as iconic as the Rolling Stones, and part of their legacy is the enduring presence of posters sold online. Whether you want a contemporary poster emblazoned with the band's logo or a historic memento of one of their past performances, eBay has a wealth of Rolling Stones posters for sale. Here are some guidelines for finding the one you want.

Choosing vintage Rolling Stones posters

For the serious Rolling Stones fans, vintage posters offer an authentic feel. This is especially true if you purchase a Rolling Stones concert poster that is tied to a specific venue. These posters tend to be harder to find, and each offers a unique design. For example, a Rolling Stones Paris poster will typically have a unique artist's design.

Luckily, if you have a particular location in mind, it's easy to sort results by concert location. Or, if you'd prefer a poster from a certain era, sorting by year will likely bring you more precise results.

Should you purchase a contemporary poster?

Many of the more affordable Rolling Stones posters are those made currently. Many of these posters are not tied to a specific concert, so they won't feature a date or location. Additionally, most of them will have the Rolling Stones logo or a band photo along with its name. If you want some element of Rolling Stones memorabilia but aren't tied to a particular concert or location, this might be a worthwhile purchase for you.

How can you tell if a Rolling Stones poster is valuable?

Plenty of these posters are advertised as rare, and many are listed at high prices. In cases like this, it's advisable to do some research of your own before committing. Here are a few things to look for when evaluating the worth of contemporary and vintage Rolling Stones posters:

  • Is the poster numbered? Some posters for sale will list the individual poster number as well as the size of the print run. This adds a layer of authenticity, and it also may help you get an idea of how rare the poster is.
  • Is it signed? As with most memorabilia, a signed copy of a poster will have more value than an unsigned one.
  • Is it framed? Some posters are sold framed. These are likely to be somewhat more expensive as framing takes time and/or money to get right.
  • Is it in good condition? Since posters aren't typically subjected to rough conditions, many are in decent condition. However, be sure to verify the condition before buying.
  • How old is it? Most listings will tell you the age of the poster in question. An older poster in good condition is likely to be more valuable than a newer one in the same condition.