Rolex Yacht-Master II Watches

Rolex Yacht-Master II Watches for Christmas

This Christmas, treat yourself to something that's been sitting on your wishlist for far too long. eBay's vast selection of Rolex Yacht-Master II watches will leave you spoilt for choice. The striking look of these watches can get you compliments at the Christmas parties. From office gatherings to family dinners, you can wear it for all occasions. The Rolex Yacht-Master II comes in a variety of dial and band styles, so you can pick the one that will go with all your Christmas outfits. Grab one for your special someone and make it a Christmas to remember for them. If you don't want to wait till Christmas to take the plunge, you can make the most of the Black Friday deals on eBay.

Does the Yacht-Master II have interactive features?

Yes. The watch is designed with both form and function in mind. On top of its opulent look and feel, the watch has a number of interactive features designed for maritime use. You will find these features on Rolex Yacht-Master II watches:

  • Countdown - The second hand can be used as a countdown timer by pressing the upper pusher and turning the bevel counterclockwise until the upper pusher is blocked, then setting it in place with the pin.
  • Clear Display - The display is extremely clear, making it easy to use in even the harshest yacht-racing situations.
  • Bezel - The bezel on this model acts independently from the mechanism, allowing it to be set and synchronized for up to 10 minutes on any countdown.
Are multiple face colors available?

Yes. All real Rolex Yacht-Master II Watches are identical in their mechanical design, but there are multiple options when it comes to the watch's look. Whether you prefer a multicolor design or one that is uniform and sleek, you can find the look for you among these face color options on new and vintage Rolex Yacht-Master II watches:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Rose gold
  • White gold
  • Blue
What casing materials are available?

The casings on Rolex Yacht-Master II watches are made from multiple materials. Each casing material has its own characteristics when it comes to weight, look, and feel. Consider what case material you want for your Rolex watch before purchasing. The following material options are available.

  • Stainless steel
  • Gold
  • Crystal
  • Platinum
  • Rose gold
Different kinds of band material

The band is not to be overlooked when choosing the style of Rolex watch you want. The band has a drastic effect on the way a watch looks and feels. On top of that, it can influence the price for Rolex Yacht-Master II watches as well. The following materials can be found on eBay when shopping for these watches:

  • Ceramic
  • White gold
  • Leather
  • Stainless steel
  • Yellow gold
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