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The Rolex Pearlmaster: A Watch and Jewelry All-In-One

Rolex is the producer of luxurious watches for men and women. These watches have proven themselves in quality and value throughout time. You can find new and preowned Rolex Pearlmaster wristwatches on eBay.

Is the Rolex Pearlmaster wristwatch suitable for men and women?

The style of watches that you wear is your personal choice. One good thing about the Pearlmaster model is that it has a very refined look that is suitable for both men and women. It is one of the most decorated watches of the brand, which makes it great for women who just want to look good with it.

Does the new Rolex Pearlmaster have Datejust technology?

Yes. Some of the watches come with a self-adjusting date that changes at midnight every 24 hours. The vintage Rolex Pearlmaster is just one of the Pearlmaster watches that have the date window on the dial of the watch.

Precious stones used in Rolex Pearlmaster wristwatches

The expensive Rolex Pearlmaster wristwatches have a high value for a reason. The big Rolex Pearlmaster price reflects the quality of the materials that are used in its creation. Depending on the model you are buying, the bezel and the case will have different combinations of precious stones. The precious stones that are often incorporated into the watches are:

  • Obsidian
  • Pearl
  • Diamond
  • Sapphire
Is the Pearlmaster water-resistant?

The Pearlmaster is water-resistant. You can go as deep as 330 feet underwater with it.

What are some features of the Pearlmaster bracelet?

As a model with the same name, the Pearlmaster watch uses the Pearlmaster type of bracelet that is unique to this type of watch. It is a fine, five-piece link bracelet that is considered the most elegant of all the Rolex bracelets. The clasp is the classic Crownlock.

What type of movement does the Pearlmaster use?

The movement depends on the case size of the Pearlmaster watch you are purchasing. You can either get a 34mm or a 39mm case. The movements that each of them uses is different. The 34mm model uses a 2235 movement. This movement is used by smaller Rolex watches that have a date update. It provides a spontaneous date update at midnight. The 39mm model uses a 3135 movement. It is the same movement as the previous one except that it is created for a larger watch case.

What material is the Pearlmaster made out of?

The Rolex Pearlmaster case is always made of precious metals. You can find Rolex Pearlmaster rose gold or yellow gold cases. There are also platinum or sliver cases available for the watch. The band of the watch is typically made of the same material as the case so that they complement one another in color and quality.

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