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Rock Music CDs

CDs offer storage and versatility in storing data and audio, so rock and other genre artists depend on CDs to distribute their art. Courtesy of CD technology, many rock albums are available in CD format.

What do 16x and 8x written on music CDs mean?

The figures 16x and 8x refer to the writing speeds for a disc. The writing speed for a 16x disc is twice that of an 8x disc. Its important to note that discs are backward compatible and as long as you have a burner that has a high write speed you can write even the slower speeds. This means that the 16x disc can be written in speed 8x as well.

You may have heard of a hub printable CD. The hub is the hole at the center of a disc. A hub printable disc means that the storage surface extends to the clear plastic ring. The CD image cover runs from the edge to the center of the hole on such discs.

Are you able to download the music from your CD?

You can download rock audio from the CD. It will be converted to MP3 format and added to your music library. You will be able to play your rock music with any player that has access to the library. You can also play your rock music using any player that can handle CDs.

What does CPRM-compatible mean for media?

CPRM is an abbreviation for “content protection for recordable media” and is a form of digital right management, or DRM.

How many rock songs do these CDs hold?

CDs that have music on them are largely time based, but the maximum amount they can store is 99 songs. There are music CDs that have 74 or 80 minutes of music. The number of songs, however, will depend on the length and quality of the rock songs. Pre-recorded audio discs can have up to 74 minutes of music because their internal storage is 650MB. An 80-minute CD-R can have six additional minutes of audio as the internal space is slightly higher at 700MB.

Does CD color make any difference?

CDs that are manufactured using Metal Azo, which happens to be blue, are generally more reliable because of the material. The reflective layer added on top of Azo gives it different colors ranging from gold, silver, to green. Therefore, when you are choosing a music CD pay more attention to the data layer, because that will determine the longevity and accuracy of data stored in it.