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Road Touring Bikes

Road Touring Bikes

Those who are looking for a touring bike have a variety of possible options. Some bicycles designed for touring may need a front rack, a pannier, a rear rack, and other components. When purchasing a bike, make sure to check the fenders and pedals and ensure that your road bike is designed for your preferred road type.

What is a sport touring bicycle?

Those who want this type of touring bike tend to like to race competitively. They have multiple components that make them easy for riding. Competitive cyclists often turn to this type of bike for their touring. They are particularly useful when paired with a pannier.

How much does a touring bike weigh?

When purchasing a touring bike, you need to make sure it is about 10-15 pounds before loading it. Those into disc cycling often add rack items and stronger handlebars before going on the road. A fully loaded bike for touring should be about 45 pounds fully loaded. This weight includes gear, fender items, discs, and other touring bike add-ons.

What is considered a light road bike?

A light road bike is that that weighs under 10 pounds. Some models can be folded up for easier storage and hauling when taking the bicycle to difficult areas. Unlike a typical model, a light one shouldnt be burdened with more than 30 pounds or so of gear. These types of bicycles are great for those who are little lightweight themselves.

What sport road bikes are available?
  • Cannondale – Fans of this sports road bike often choose cycles like this because they have a variety of disc gears. This makes it useful for those who are going for a ride off-road.
  • Giant – This type of cycle is useful for more casual types of touring, like those who want a cycling bike for traveling along highways.
  • Bianchi – Those road bike fans who are interested in an upper-scale and more fashionable bike for touring often choose Bianchi.
What size road bike do you need?

When buying a bike for touring, you need to gauge how tall you are as well as your waist height. The idea is that you need a bike that is a bit higher than your waist level to improve your ride. A touring bike is typically about 25-30 inches tall. Depending on your height and other factors, you may want to try out taller cycles. Dont be afraid to experiment with the cycles that you ride.