Ribbon Blenders

Mixing It Up Right With Ribbon Blenders

Cost-effective and versatile, ribbon blenders are commonly used by many industries to mix dry solids. They can blend agricultural chemicals, food items, pharmaceuticals, and more, and their design works well for the economical and efficient blending of light pastes and many solids for various business uses. You can find many new and used ribbon blenders, at a wide range of price points, on eBay.

How do ribbon blenders work?

Taking their name from the ribbon agitator at the core of their design, ribbon blenders blend various types of materials. The ribbon agitator uses inner and outer helical blades to blend ingredients. A u-shaped trough serves as the receptacle of the structure, holding the ingredients to be blended. The blades provide a thorough blending, moving materials to the middle of the trough. The blades can move as fast as 300 feet per minute, moving materials quickly to save time. The simplicity of the design makes it efficient, easy to maintain, and easy to clean.

Types of materials that work with ribbon blenders

A wide array of industries use ribbon blenders and mini ribbon blenders to mix many materials, including the following:

  • Agricultural - Blenders mix animal feed, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals.
  • Food and beverage - Ribbon mixers blend bake mixes, food, instant drink powders, spices, and sugar blends.
  • Health - This equipment can blend nutraceuticals, protein powders, pharmaceuticals, and vitamins.
  • Beauty - Ribbon blenders mix cosmetics and pigments.
  • Industrial - Blenders mix catalysts, ceramics, plastic powders, prills, and resins.
What are some of the features of a ribbon blender?

Commercial ribbon blenders are simple machines that offer many great features, such as the following:

  • Sanitary - Many are designed with stainless steel contact surfaces, support structure, packing gland, and more. Many offer shaft packing gland housing that splits for easy cleaning and maintenance. The design improves discharge, so you can clean it thoroughly between uses.
  • Durable - Most blenders have external and internal welds ground smooth, flush and pit free, and radiused. The stainless steel agitator and shaft are fully welded with flanged ends, making them easy to remove.
  • Convenience - These units offer many great convenience features like extended legs, end or multiple discharge points, cooling or heating jackets, and sealed pillow block roller bearings.
  • Safety - For safety, the blenders have features like explosion-proof motors, provisions for gas or liquid purge, product thermowell, auger discharge, and internal vacuum design.
  • Variety - You can use the blender in different ways with liquid addition spray bar and nozzles, paddle agitators, ribbon-paddle agitators, high-intensity side-entering choppers, and modified covers with varied loading ports.