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What Is Retail Revival?

Retail Revival harnesses the power of technology and eBay’s global marketplace to support and grow small businesses, strengthen local economies and foster vibrant community growth. Through Retail Revival, eBay partners with communities in the U.S. and around the world to bring Main Street businesses to the global marketplace, all while bolstering local economies through the retail sector. Participating businesses receive comprehensive e-commerce training as well as onboarding assistance, dedicated coaching, and promotional support – all at no cost to them. In return, these sellers enrich eBay's vibrant marketplace by offering their unique inventory and great service to our 183M buyers around the world.

Stay Local, Sell Global

Retail Revival represents a new movement to stay local and sell global. Supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses in communities around the world is central to our mission at eBay. Using our technology for good, we aim to strengthen local communities, create new jobs, bolster the retail sector, and grow local economies.

History of Retail Revival

eBay launched its pilot Retail Revival program in Akron, Ohio, in March 2018.  Fueled by the program’s fast and significant impact, we’ve expanded its reach to four U.S. cities and seven countries globally while planning for more growth in 2020 and beyond.  To date, Retail Revival has supported over 450 sellers, who have delivered nearly 600,000 unique products to over 370,000 buyers in 163 countries around the world.

Shop Local, Shop Small Business

eBay is committed to empowering communities and independent retailers to keep the lights on Main Street shining bright. We work with artists, makers, and purveyors of all kinds to turn their passions into global businesses that foster growth from the grassroots up. Our one and only goal is to build the world’s most inspired marketplace – powered by small retailers bringing their awesome local products to shoppers everywhere. From vintage clothing and trendy accessories to cutting-edge electronics, natural bath and beauty products, pet supplies, car parts, and so much more, our Retail Revival sellers have something to offer for everyone.  Shop to empower these awesome retailers and help our communities thrive.