What Are Some of the Tools Used in Computer Repair?

When repairing computers, some of the common tools include screwdrivers, nut drivers, pliers, cutters, and strippers. Repair technicians also often use head-mounted lamps or adjustable clip-on lights to see inside of the machine. PSU testers and multimeters help to ensure that the power supply works properly, while zip-ties and tie-downs keep wiring neat and tidy. Finally, cleanup materials like cotton swabs, micro-fiber cloths, and canned air keep the computer clean during and after repair.

What Are Some of Techniques Used in Jewelry Restoration?

When restoring jewelry, professionals often start with cleaning the pieces with products that are alcohol, acid, and ammonia-free. They may also use a magnifying glass to closely inspect the jewelry and take note of any loose parts that may come off during further cleaning. Removing dust, dirt, and grime reveals flaws or damage that they then repair depending on the material. Basic repair processes may include adding clasps and replacing jump rings, as well as replacing pin backs and stems. Restoration technicians may then touch up the jewelry's enamel with tools like a gold leaving paint pen, and polish the jewelry with professional products.

How Often Should You Have Your Instruments Professionally Cleaned?

While cleaning instruments at home regularly is vital to properly working pieces, professional cleanings are also important. Not only will professional cleanings keep the instruments working correctly, but also an expert can spot failing parts more easily. Ideally, owners should get their instruments cleaned professionally at least once a year for moderate use, and twice a year for frequent use.