Reprinted Autographed Entertainment Memorabilia

Why Collect Reprinted Autographs?

Autograph reprints, also known as preprints, are facsimiles of genuine autographs. They have significantly lower resale value than genuine autographs, but many collectors enjoy amassing them as a way to acquire rare autographs at cost-effective prices. In some cases, particularly when a celebrity has passed away, a reprint is the only way to get an autograph without paying thousands of dollars. Since reprints are accurate reproductions of the celebrity's signature, they look good on display.

How Can Yyou Identify Reprints?

Reprints are common on glossy photographs. The celebrity signs the original photograph, and then a company or seller runs off copies on a high-quality printer. At first glance, it is hard to separate the reprint from the original, but closer examination shows that the autograph on the reprint is below the glossy surface of the photograph, while a genuine signature is on top of the gloss and often leaves an indent on the surface. Sellers should clearly state that an autograph is a reprint so that there is no confusion on the buyer's part.

What Is the Difference Between Reprints, Autopen Signatures, and Stamp Autographs?

Reprints are copies of signed photographs, and the signature is part of the printed image. Stamps or autopen machines add the signature to the photograph after printing and are therefore more like a genuine autograph. An autopen recreates the motions required to make a signature using a real pen on top of the photograph, while a stamp imprints a copy of the autograph on top of the photograph with a single motion. Autopens produce the most realistic autographs.