Recreational Go-Karts

Enjoy Riding a Recreational Go Kart

Recreational go karts offer a lot of fun and excitement, whether you use them to cruise around your property, your neighborhood, or any type of track. The variation in go karts on eBay is quite wide, so you should be able to find a gently used or vintage one that works for you. How are go karts powered?

The power source can be as simple as gravity. Some of the old go karts for sale are of this style, and they can be referred to as gravity racers or Soap Box Derby carts. For many decades, people of all ages have been racing down hills in these simple vehicles. Many historic karts for sale have classic styling and aerodynamic bodies.

New and old go karts can also be powered by:

  • Gas engines: A gas engine can send power to the rear axle through a chain or belt. Engines can either be four-stroke or two-stroke models, with horsepower ranging from 5 to nearly 50. Typically, the two-stroke engines have more horsepower than their four-stroke counterparts.
  • Electric motors: If you don't want to worry about filling up the gas tank, consider getting a new or used go kart that runs on an electric motor. These are zero-emission vehicles, making them ideal for indoor as well as outdoor racing. Both lead-acids and LiPo batteries are used in these go karts. Batteries have to be recharged somewhat frequently, as a charge could last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.
Go kart features

To help with narrowing your options, consider the following:

  • Tire tread: Go karts designed for off-roading have tires with more aggressive tread. If you want to go fast, consider slick tires.
  • Rollover bar: To reduce the likelihood of injuries during a rollover accident, many go-karts have built-in rollover bars for protection.
  • Multiple seats: Some new and historic karts come with room for the driver and a passenger.
  • Windshield: If you're heading out in wet weather or in an area where there are lots of bugs or debris flying at you, a front windshield will be key.
  • Lights: Headlights, and sometimes interior lights, are built-in on some models. These can help with safety and visibility.
Go kart brands

Some of the go karts for sale on eBay have been built by individuals who have customized their rides with a unique combination of various parts. Others have been made by manufacturers in their factories, and they may or may not have aftermarket parts. Some of the brands you'll see are:

  • Manco
  • Honda
  • Trailmaster
  • Kandi
  • Tao Tao
  • Kinroad