Find the Right Battery for Your Power Needs

eBay carries a huge selection of batteries to fill your portable power needs. eBay can help you find affordable options that work for you if you have several electrical devices that require battery power. Be sure to understand what types of batteries are available for purchase, their power levels, and their main features as it will help you find the right product.

How do you choose a battery?

There are several metrics you can use to choose your new battery. eBay offers categories that can narrow your search and find batteries that meet your specifications or needs. You may know what types of battery packs you need for a specific device in your home or office, but there are ways to refine your search for the right one. Some common ways to choose a new battery from eBay include:

  • Capacity - Capacities usually measure in milliamperes per hour. This number gives you a rough estimate of how many hours of use you can get from your battery when it is operating in normal conditions.
  • Purpose - eBay carries a range of batteries designed to work with many things. You can look for batteries for your tools, computers, electronics, or kids' toys.
  • Size - Every battery has a specific size designation. Some common sizes include AA, AAA, and 9V.
Can you get a charger with your battery?

Many rechargeable batteries that you'll find on eBay include at least one charger. These chargers should be compatible with their batteries, and each one can hold multiple batteries. In some cases, you may receive multiple chargers when you purchase a large set of battery packs.

What are some of the main features of a battery?

Battery cells can have different features depending on their brand, make, or purpose. However, there are a few basic features shared by most of the power sources you will find on eBay. Some of the most common features you will discover are:

  • Memory effect - Memory effect is a feature of many rechargeable batteries. A low memory effect means that the unit can recharge to its full potential each time you need it.
  • Static discharge - This rate may give you an estimate of how much charge your power source loses when it is not in use. It is natural for batteries to have some static discharge, but it may not be noticeable if you use your batteries often.
  • Deep cycle - Some batteries have a feature that allows you to drain them completely or almost completely when necessary.