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Meet All Your Refrigeration Needs With a Three-Door Refrigerator or Freezer

It’s the middle of the afternoon rush, and you open the freezer only to find that there are no more hamburgers. Make sure that doesn’t happen to your business by ensuring you have enough freezer space for all your supplies. Even the busiest restaurant will be able to store enough frozen food with a three-door commercial freezer from eBay.

Many brands to choose from

If you’re looking for a commercial freezer for sale, you have probably seen models from several manufacturers. True, Traulsen, and Beverage-Air are all brands that make different models of commercial upright freezers. True offers a diverse line of refrigerators and freezers, so you will be sure to find a variety of appliances to meet your needs and budget.

Here are some other models to look for:

  • Hotpoint three-door fridge/freezer
  • Turbo Air reach-in freezer
  • Migali three-door freezer
  • LG three-door fridge/freezer
How do you choose the right commercial freezer?

There are so many features on commercial freezers that it can be hard to choose the right one for your situation. The right appliance for you will be the one that meets your needs. Here are some things you should consider when shopping for any three-door commercial freezers.

Make sure you can supply the power needed to run the unit you purchase. Check for the voltage and amperage of each model as well as if they use single-phase or three-phase wiring.

Storage capacity can vary between manufacturers and models. Get a realistic expectation of what you plan to store and make sure the unit you pick can fit it all. You might want to leave a little extra room for spare food for holidays, busy times of the year, or emergency situations where you may want some backup food just in case you need it.

Outside dimensions can also vary between models. Check that your new freezer will fit into the space you have planned for it and that it can be brought in through the building’s doorways. No one wants to have their commercial freezer delivered only to find that it won’t go through the front door.

Are there benefits to buying a used freezer?

The most obvious benefit you will notice when shopping for used commercial freezers for sale is the lower cost. There are many preowned options to select from that may fit into your budget better than a new freezer would or if you’re just looking for a spare freezer and don’t want to spend as much. You might want to consider looking for a scratch and dent unit if a new in the box one is truly out of your budget.