Razors & Razor Blades

Razors and Razor Blades

One of the easiest and most affordable to remove hair from the body to create fuzz-free and smooth skin is by using razors and razor blades. Razors can be both manual and electric. Manual razors are incredibly easy to use and can provide an incredibly close shave. When the blades become blunt after a period of use, it is easy and relatively cheap to replace the blades, making razors a first-choice for many people when considering hair removal.

There are many types of razors available to purchase to suit all manner of users, from men's razors to women's razor blades and options to include a number of different blades on the cartridge. It is important to remember that if you're looking for replacement blades for your razor, you may need to choose the same brand of razor blades to ensure they fit on your razor handle.

Types of Razor Blades

Featuring just one blade, a straight razor is designed for the smoothest and most precise shave however it can be more dangerous as you have to control a free, exposed blade when shaving.

To prevent an accident, a safety razor is designed to create a gap between the edge of the razor blade and your skin. The guard allows you to shave quickly and minimise the risk of cuts and accidents.

To prevent razor bumps and the cut the hair with minimum irritation, a double edge blade is used as it can create a much more comfortable cutting angle. Most double edge blades are placed between a guard plate for safety and a comb plate for precision.

Usually offering the latest technology and design elements such as a collection of blades, a pivoting head or conditioning strips, cartridge razors are very popular because they are easy to use and make shaving a quick and simple task.