The Dodge Ram is a pickup truck that is manufactured by Chrysler and designed to handle a range of services from towing to hauling. This vehicle is available in several models, including the Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500, Ram Van, Ram Promaster, and Ramcharger. All those models and parts for them can be found at eBay Motors.

What engine options are available for the Ram 1500?

There are three compatible engine models that are available for the Dodge Ram 1500. All three engine models are available for the 4X2 and the 4X4 vehicles. These options include:

  • 3.6L Pentastar V-6: This engine delivers up to 17 mpg for city driving and 25 mpg for highway driving.
  • 3.0L Eco Diesel V-6: This engine delivers up to 20 mpg for city driving and 27 mpg for highway driving.
  • 5.7L Hemi V-8 with FuelSaver Technology: This engine delivers up to 15 mpg for city driving and 22 mpg for highway driving.
What are the differences between a QuadCab and Crew Cab?

The term QuadCab is used solely by Dodge to describe its Dodge Ram four-seater vehicles. The term Crew Cab is used by Dodge as well as other pickup truck manufacturers for their extended automobile models. The following differences are noted between Dodge's Quad and Crew Cab models.

  • Leg space: Crew Cab offers 39.4 inches of rear leg space, while the QuadCab offers 34.7 inches of space in the rear of the vehicle.
  • Exterior cargo length: The exterior cargo length of the Crew model is 67.4 inches, while the QuadCab allows for 76.3 inches of space.
  • Exterior cargo volume: The exterior cargo volume of the Crew Cab is 50.3 cubic feet in volume, while the QuadCab offers 57.5 cubic feet of volume.
What are fender flares?

Fender flares enhance the visual appeal of a vehicle that they are installed on. Also, these exterior parts offer other benefits:

  • Protection: Protect the fenders from rust, chips, or cracking
  • Deflection: Deflect mud, stones, and other debris from hitting the automobile
  • Accommodation of regulations: Fill certain local regulations for trucks that have oversized tires installed on them
What's the difference between OEM and aftermarket Ram 1500 parts?

Original-equipment-manufacturer (OEM) parts are created by the manufacturer of the original parts made for the Dodge Ram 1500. The term OEM and factory parts are often used interchangeably. Choosing OEM parts gives the automobile owner the confidence of knowing the specifications of the parts they purchase will match up with their vehicle's make and model. Aftermarket parts are parts that are made for the Dodge Ram 1500, but they might fit other makes and models of automobiles as well.