Rainbow Converse Shoes

Show All Your Colors with Rainbow Converse Footwear

Converse's rainbow line of footwear includes sneakers and boots in many styles and design options, and eBay lists both new and used models at affordable prices. Understanding the features you can choose from can help you find the rainbow Converse shoes or boots that suit you.

Materials in rainbow Converse shoes

Most rainbow Converse shoes use a combination of materials to provide you with footwear that is durable and available in a spectrum of colors. The specific materials in your shoes may vary slightly depending on which model you choose, but all rainbow Converse shoes share some basic materials:

  • Canvas - The main body of the shoes is a canvas overlay. This material gives you lightweight, breathable shoes. It also easily shows off the rainbow colors and designs.
  • Rubber - Rubber materials in the bottom of the shoes give you a sturdy walking or running surface that can withstand the elements. The upper toe region of the shoe also uses rubber to give some form and structure to the canvas body.
What styles do rainbow Converse shoes and boots come in?

The rainbow patterns on this type of footwear range from subtle to bold. On eBay, you can find Converse shoes with rainbow laces and ones that confine the rainbow pattern to the soles, as well as shoes and boots with vibrant overall patterns to help you stand out in a crowd. Each style may have several size options to suit your needs. See the manufacturer site for details on sizing once you find a model you like. Some common styles you may find during your search include:

  • Traditional sneakers - These cover the foot and come up to the ankle.
  • Low-top - These shoes represent the classic Converse look. They go over the foot and cover the ankle area.
  • Hi-top - Hi-top rainbow Converse shoes climb past the ankle to cover the lower portion of the calf.
  • Tall boots - These shoes rise almost to the knee.
Choosing new and used rainbow Converse shoes

eBay provides a broad selection of rainbow Converse shoes. You can find both brand new and preowned shoes at reasonable prices on the site. In most cases, new Converse shoes come to you in their original packaging and without any noticeable cosmetic blemishes. However, preowned rainbow Converse shoes can be a great option if you are looking for a pair of shoes with a particular style, especially if it is discontinued. Some vintage designs might also be available as used items. While some used models may have slight signs of normal wear, many of them are simply classic models from a previous generation of Converse shoes.

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