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MG MGB Radiator and Parts

An MG MGB has been a well-known classic car for years. Its radiator and components are an important part of the cooling system. Knowing the parts needed to make repairs will help you to take good care of the roadsters engine.

What is the role of the radiator in the vehicle?

The radiator is one of the most critical aspects of the MGBs cooling system. Without it, the engine could easily overheat, causing irreversible damage. Once coolant flows through the engine head to cool it down, the hot coolant makes it into the radiator, where it is then cooled before going back to the engine.

How do you replace a radiator?

A radiator is replaced by first diagnosing the problem. There are multiple components that make up the cooling system. You will want to open the hood of the car and familiarize yourself with all of the parts and where theyre located. Once you do this, you can then replace the necessary parts. You should always follow the instructions in your MG MGB owners manual as well as what comes with the components you buy.

What is an MG genuine part?

MG genuine components are those that were made specifically for the British manufacturer. They are labeled as being MG, though they may have been made from another company. Genuine parts are also labeled as OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer. Other manufacturers on the market are identified as aftermarket parts providers.

What are some of the components to the cooling system?

There are several components of the cooling system in an MG that you should know about, including the following:

  • Radiator cap: The cap is placed on the radiator to form a seal.
  • Fan assembly: The fan is used to cool down the coolant.
  • Hoses: Hoses are used to transfer the coolant from location to location.
  • Mount: The metal mount keeps the radiator in position.
  • Radiator: The radiator is commonly made from aluminum.
How do you buy parts for the cooling system of an MG MGB?

Its important to review some details to ensure you buy the right components for your MGB.

  • Part: Run diagnostics to confirm you know what part needs to be replaced.
  • Car specs: Identify the model year and details of your MGB to obtain components that will fit your car.
  • Kits: Some parts will come as kits and will include mounting hardware and other necessary components to complete a repair.