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RV, Trailer, and Camper Trailer Tires for Smooth Towing

If youre looking for new tires to help your travel trailer or toy hauler roll down the highway with ease, the solutions in this category might be what youre looking for. eBay offers a wide variety of RV tires to choose from. To make sure you end up with the trailer tires that are right for your rig, check out these straightforward answers to common customer questions.

What are the different types of RV tires?

There are many different models of RV tires, and they all offer different capabilities. However, all of the various trailer tire models among these listings can be categorized into one of two groups:

  • Radial: Radial tires feature plies that run at 90-degree angles to the direction of motion. These types of trailer tires are generally quite wide, and they are more resistant to overheating and general wear and tear than other types of tires.
  • Bias ply: The plies in bias ply tires overlap each other in a crisscrossing formation. These types of trailer tires are relatively flexible, and they are thinner than radial tires. However, they are slightly more susceptible to overheating than radial tires, and have shorter lifespans than other types of trailer tires.
How do you install new tires on your RV?

First, youll need to remove the old tire from your recreational vehicle. To do so, youll need to secure your RV in place and lift one of its sides into the air. If you have a travel trailer, chock the wheels, and if you have a motorhome, engage the emergency brake and put it in park. Then, use a jack underneath your RV to lift it into the air slightly. Use a torque wrench to remove the nuts holding the existing wheel in place, and then remove it from the axle. Place the new wheel on the axle, and secure it in place with the torque wrench.

How do you find the right tires for your RV?

Its best to use an exact match of the tires that are currently on your RV. To find out which type of tire you should use, note the large, embossed characters on the outer edge of your existing tires. If youre replacing all of the tires on your RV, youll need to choose between bias ply and radial options. Just make sure to choose tires that can handle your RVs load, as well as the terrain you plan to travel on.