RLX Golf Shirts

Everything You Need to Know to When Selecting a RLX Golf Shirt

Golf apparel helps golfers to adapt to any conditions they may encounter on the course. RLX Golf attire, from Ralph Lauren's Polo Golf line, helps you to look like a professional and improve your performance. Read on to find out how to choose the right RLX Golf shirt on eBay.

How to choose the right material

The fabric is important when buying a golf shirt. It determines the quality of the garment, how it feels, fits, and drapes, and when to wear it. RLX Golf polo shirts are made with different types of cotton. Mercerized and pima cotton are the two common types used to make golf shirts.

Pima cotton is known for its long fibers. It creates a fabric that is soft and lightweight, but provides enough warmth for most days on the course. Mercerizing is a process that removes stray fibers from the cotton thread before the material is woven. This process makes the fabric shinier, smoother and stronger. You cannot get the same effect with regular cotton. However, mercerized cotton typically provides a better fit.

Do you need a performance fabric?

Performance fabrics are showing up in sports more and more. They affect how the material feels and fits and how it can wick away moisture. These fabrics are made from polyester microfiber, poly-microfiber blends, and cotton. The blending of cotton with other materials like polyester makes the fabric more flexible.

Antibacterial treatment is another feature of performance fabrics. This treatment is designed to minimize odor-causing bacteria.

How do you choose the right fit?

A slim fit is ideal for your RLX Golf shirt. It should have fitted sleeves that reach halfway between your elbow and shoulder. However, your shirt must not be tight. You should be able to slide a finger between your sleeve and skin with ease. If you cannot do this, then you shirt may be too tight.

The neckline of your shirt should also fit a certain way. It should reach down to your chest when unbuttoned. You should also consider your personal preference when choosing the fit.

How to choose the right size

Most polo shirts for golfers are sized the same way as other casual shirts. Some European or high-end brands may base the size on chest measurements. However, it helps to check the sizing table for the brand. See the manufacturer site for details.New and gently used RLX Golf shirts are available on eBay in these sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large
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