Quilting Tools & Supplies

Enjoy Crafting With Quilting Tools

The right quilting tools can make it easy to finish projects and produce beautiful, homemade quilts. Understanding how to pick out and use quilting tools will help you prepare for your next project.

What are some different types of fabric and thread for quilting?

Of course, one of the most important staples in any quilting project is the fabric and thread. When quilting, 100% cotton is one of the ideal quilting options for both fabric and thread. It is easy to work with, durable, and comes in many beautiful colors and prints. Another durable and cheap material is polyester. Those willing to spend more may appreciate the beauty and soft texture of silk, or they may want the breathability and lightweight feel of linen.

Regardless of the fiber type you pick, you will find that fabric and thread come in many shapes and sizes. Make sure the thread you pick is on a spool compatible with your sewing machine. Remember that a higher number corresponds to a thinner thread, which can give you finer stitches. When it comes to fabric, you can pick big bolts of fabric and cut your own sizes. However, beginners may like the ease of use from sewing with pre-cut blocks.

Are rotary cutters or scissors better?

Rotary cutting allows you to quickly slice straight lines through large quantities of fabric. They work well with a grid ruler, so you can easily get the right dimensions of fabric. Though many quilters prefer cutting out most of their blocks with rotary cutting and a mat, it is important to note that scissors are still a must-have tool. Unlike rotary cutters, they are useful for snipping threads and can help you cut odd shapes and curves.

What are some other helpful quilting tools?

Technically, all you need to quilt is fabric, thread, and scissors, but things will go a lot more smoothly if you have some of these handy tools.

  • Pins: Pins can be used for everything from marking your place to arranging cutout pieces.
  • Bias tape maker: A bias tape maker will help you quickly fold bias tape, which can be very handy for quilting bindings.
  • Quilting clips: These are useful when you want to hold binding in place or organize your quilting piles.
  • Needles: In addition to machine needles, keep a few other needle sizes on hand for any little bits of hand sewing you need to do.