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Pyle Audio

When you're on a long commute to work, you want the drive to be as enjoyable as possible. With music provided by Pyle speakers, you can listen to your favorite songs, podcasts, or audiobooks in a whole new way, allowing you to savor the journey just as much as the destination.

What types of Pyle car component speakers are available?

As every car and every driver are different, Pyle Audio offers a range of car speakers and accessories. You can choose from different sizes, styles, and colors, so that the speakers you select match your vehicle and your lifestyle.

  • Pyle tweeters: Tweeters are smaller speakers which handle high-end sound frequencies. Due to their smaller size, they are typically suited to be mounted higher-up in your vehicle.
  • Pyle mid-range: Mid-range speakers are larger than tweeters and handle all middle-range sound frequencies. In the absence of a dedicated subwoofer, larger mid-range speakers can also reproduce low-end frequencies.
  • Pyle subwoofers: Large speakers that are dedicated to reproducing low-end sound frequencies. Since low-end frequencies are non-directional, a subwoofer can be placed anywhere in your vehicle, including under seats or even in the trunk.
How do Pyle car speakers operate?

The audio system that comes stock with your vehicle is made up of a radio and several speakers. The radio, however, also does double duty as an amplifier to provide power to the speakers. If you choose to keep your stock radio when you install Pyle speakers, it may not have enough wattage to adequately power all the speakers. In that case, a dedicated amplifier will be needed. An amplifier in a car draws power directly from the battery and sends it to the car speakers to ensure each speaker reproduces accurate and clear audio without distorting.

How do you maintain Pyle car speakers?

Once you have your new Pyle car speakers installed, maintaining them is fairly easy. The most important thing is to ensure you do a quality installation job so that wires and other sensitive components are protected from moisture and extreme weather conditions.

  • Dust: Your car speakers are able to produce audio more accurately if they are dust-free. Use a dry cloth to carefully remove dust from the car speakers on a regular basis before it has a chance to become embedded in the drivers.
  • Tighten: When it's moving, your car is constantly experiencing a variety of vibrations and bumps. Over time, this can strain the connections on the car speakers. Every so often, it's a good idea to check all connections on all car speakers to ensure they're still tight and able to reproduce the quality audio you expect.
  • Balance: Over time, your audio tastes may change. To ensure you always have the audio that sounds good, it's a smart idea to occasionally check the settings on your receiver to ensure you have the right mix of treble, mid-range, and bass frequencies. Also check to ensure your front-to-back and left-to-right balance is adjusted according to your specific tastes.
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