Push-Pull Golf Carts

Push-Pull Golf Carts

Push-pull golf carts are an option for people who don’t want to carry clubs when playing golf but would rather walk than use a motorized vehicle to get around the links. These carts are designed to be user friendly, and they often come with extras that can make your golfing experience more enjoyable on hot and cold days.

What materials are used to make push-pull golf carts? 

Push-pull carts are typically made out of aluminum tubing that is both lightweight and strong. The aluminum tubing makes it easy to lift the golf cart into the trunk of a car and to use when out on the course. This lightness also makes them easy to pull uphill or push down a fairway.

How do you maneuver and stop push-pull carts? 

Pull carts usually come with two different styles of braking systems. One option is a handbrake, which is similar to a bicycle brake. This helps golfers to maintain control of the unit at all times. The second type of brake is used to secure the wheels so that the cart doesn't roll away when you go to take a shot. Maneuvering the cart from hole to hole is as simple as pushing or pulling via the convenient handle.

What types of accessories are available for push-pull carts? 

There are a number of items you can add to pull carts to help make your golfing outing more enjoyable. Some common accessories include the following:

  • Gloves: You can add gloves that are built into the push cart to help keep your hands warm on chilly mornings or late fall afternoons.
  • Umbrella: There are special umbrellas that will fit into a holder and keep you out of the sun or provide you with cover to escape rain.
  • Seat: Some push-pull carts give you the option of attaching a seat so that you can rest while waiting for someone to hit their ball. This accessory is good for people who like to rest after taking long walks on the links.

How do you fold push-pull carts?

In order to ensure convenient transport, most push carts are designed to collapse. There is normally a button that can be pressed or a slide lock that can be lifted up so that you can collapse the main handle and fold up the golf cart. The two side wheels will compress inward, and the front wheel will either disconnect or fold into the body of the pull cart. Once folded, it will be small enough to fit into most car trunks. These golf carts are designed to be just as easy to unfold and get ready to use once you arrive at the golf course.