Printer Toner Refills & Kits

Printer Toner Refill Kits

Buying frequent refill ink cartridges can be expensive. Newer technology allows owners to simply refill a black toner or colored toner cartridge to an inkjet or laser printer instead of replacing the entire cartridge itself. Refill kits come will the appropriate tools to refill the printer ink into a copier, printer, or all-in-one device. Choosing the correct toner and kit requires a do-it-yourself approach backed by self-research of your device. Check the make, model, and type of ink cartridge in your printer to know how to purchase the proper ink refill kit.

What is Included in a Toner Refill Kit?

Begin by understanding how each kit replaces the ink in your printer. Each part plays an important role in different types of printers.

  • Toner: Ink refill kits primarily include the toner itself. Choose from black ink or four bottles of color toner depending on your needs. Whether your printer is a laser or inkjet also determines the type of ink purchased.
  • Nozzle: Each toner bottle includes a screw-on refill nozzle to cleanly fill the cartridge with toner. Some kits include a funnel for the cartridge in lieu of individual ink bottle nozzles.
  • Replacement Chip: Many printers require a replacement chip to alert the machine that the new cartridge has been loaded. Replacement chips come with many refill kits to confirm the cartridge has been refilled.

How Do I Refill Printer Ink Cartridges?

Be sure to read the information provided by the manufacturer before replacing toner on your own. However, most printers can accept refillable toner no matter its original setup.

  • Begin by determining the type of cartridge your laser printer or copier uses and read any included instructions. Many kits, such as the Uni-Kit refiller set, include instructional guides for different types of cartridges.
  • Once the toner cartridge is separate from the machine, check for a compatible refill port. Remove the plug on the port and refill the toner with the nozzle or funnel. If there is no port in the cartridge, you may need to create one yourself with a special tool.
  • If you need to replace the toner chip, as is the case in many modern inkjet or laser printers, do so after the ink is refilled.

What Are the Benefits of a Refillable Toner Cartridge?

Especially when it comes to color laserjets, there are several long-term benefits to refilling printing cartridges.

  • Convenience: When ink suddenly runs low in your laser or inkjet printer, it can be faster, more efficient, and more affordable to only replace the ink opposed to the full cartridge.
  • Eco-friendly: Replacing the ink in a toner cartridge cuts down on the waste created when full cartridges are discarded.
  • Cost: The toner itself is often cheaper when purchased in kits or bulk this way. Toner refill kits decrease the amount of waste, shipping, and energy that goes into replacing the full kit.