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Pressure Washer Parts and Accessories to Clean Even the Toughest Surfaces

Pressure washers deliver powerful cleaning ability in an easy-to-use tool, perfect for blasting dirt and grime from surfaces. There are times that you'll need a more specialised attachment to really complete a job, and there are many accessories for your pressure washer to this end. Whether you're looking for diesel or petrol pressure washer parts, the right tool for the job can save you tremendous added labor.

Difference between brushes and surface cleaners

Two of the most commonly used pressure washer attachments are brush heads and surface cleaners, and both fill a similar role in different ways. The goal of each accessory is to clean a wider area without losing the power of a concentrated spray. Surface cleaners accomplish this by concentrating the pressure into a shower-head configuration, giving you a much larger contact area of pressurised water. Brush attachments use the power of the water to spin a high-density brush while slightly lowering the expelled water's pressure, making it ideal for boats, cars and other surfaces that require a touch of delicacy.

What accessories are available for specialised cleaning?

There are numerous companies on eBay that offer quality power washer parts. Specialised parts by Warwick power washers or Tempest pressure washer parts are ideal for extremely difficult jobs that require some extra power. Halfords Pressure Washer Spares, Power It Pressure Washer Parts and Lavor Power Washer Parts also offer a wide range of specialised tools for any cleaning job, including:

  • Wands - Though your power washer comes stock with a wand, there are plenty of additional options, including telescoping wands that provide extra reach. There are also replacement wands that have built-in pressure adjustment dials.
  • Turbo tips - These attach to the tip of the wand and force the water into a circular pulse, increasing the pressure and ability to clean difficult items like gum or oil from concrete.
  • Foamers - These attach to the wand and allow you to add a cleaner to your spray, increasing your ability to remove grease and oil in particular.
How does a water filter benefit your pressure washer?

For most people, a water filter may not be necessary. If you live on a farm where your water comes from a well or aquifer, or you use water you're collecting in rain barrels, you'll want a filter attachment. These water filters connect between your spigot and pressure washer, filtering out sediment or other things that could be detrimental to your washer, and you can find these through Jet Wash Parts or many other pressure washer sellers at reasonable prices on eBay.

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