Polk Audio makes a wide array of stereo and home theater equipment. Wired, wireless, bookshelf unit, or soundbar, this company strives to provide listeners with a variety of options.

What types of audio equipment does Polk Audio make?

Polk's equipment has features that include dynamic balance to help minimizes distortion. Polk Audio units are usually encased in MDF. This provides stability and makes distortion less likely. Often, these speakers have woodgrain, even the ones that are painted black. The types of audio equipment Polk Audio makes are listed here:

  • Subwoofer: A subwoofer is designed to supply thumping bass, particularly in a big space. These units are compact and low to the ground.
  • Surround: This setup requires multiple speakers. It's designed to immerse the listener in music or dramatic performance. This setup is often used for home theater systems.
  • ound Bar: A sound bar is designed to provide an all-in-one, central audio experience. It is more compact than alternatives like multi-unit surround sound systems. Some are Bluetooth capable.
  • Loudspeaker: A floor-standing loudspeaker by Polk Audio has a narrow footprint. The high notes ring clearly. Rear-firing bass ports make for a powerful sound.
  • Bookshelf: These feature clean sound whether they are high notes in the tweeter or bass notes. They are timbre-matched with other Polk Audio products.
What is the style of Polk speakers like?

Polk makes audio equipment in several styles. Some Polk speakers have a woodgrain, some are black, and some are nearly invisible.

  • Woodgrain: This company makes some stereo equipment that is designed to be noticed. Often, these units have details like pewter accents and a woodgrain finish. This vintage-inspired style goes back to at least the middle of the 20th century.
  • Black: Most of the audio equipment made by Polk Audio are black. This color is a neutral that goes with every style of decor. It's also easy to mask black speakers by installing them in dark areas.
  • Invisible: Polk Audio's Vanishing Series speakers are installed in the wall or ceiling. This makes them unobtrusive and minimizes distractions. The emphasis is on the performance.
  • Wireless: Traditionally, speakers have required cords and cables to connect them, but wireless speakers offer convenience as they are able to communicate with phones, game consoles, computers, and more without having wires strewn across the floors and walls.
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