When it comes to serving guests, beautiful platters can really make meals more special. Platters come in numerous shapes and sizes. Colors, materials, and other factors differentiate decorative platter styles.

What is a platter dish?

Platters are often a larger dish, sometimes flat, that might hold a turkey or some other food. They can be passed around a table if they are light enough. Platters can hold fruit, cheese, meat, fish or any other edible item that might be shared.

How do you platter a turkey?

During Thanksgiving as well as other holidays, the feat of getting the turkey onto platters without a mishap can be a challenge. Here are some tips on getting birds onto platters:

  • Decide whether to bring the whole turkey to the table or slice it up beforehand.
  • Select the platters upon which it will be served; it can have handles or just be a sturdy platter.
  • The next step is to line the platters with very clean towels.
  • Be sure to remove any ties and trussing from the turkey.
  • Center the turkey on a towel and decorate with greens to hide the towel. You can then begin the carving.
What are the flat metal platters used for Indian meals?

Known as a Thali platter, it is composed of vegetables and may also include smaller metal dishes with rice, chutney, pickles, and kefir. The basic tray is a flat metal platter.

What is a Hawaiian pu pu platter?

This is a serving of several different dishes on one large platter. Platters of metal or china can be used. When served in America, it might include spare ribs, chicken wings, teriyaki beef, wontons, shrimp, coconut shrimp, and other appetizers. Pu pu is the Hawaiian term for appetizers.

What types of platters are available for holiday dinners?

There are many festive platters available that come with decorative handles. Some platters may even be made from a tea service tray for a vintage look.

On the other hand, aluminum platters can add to the sizzling effect of hot foods. Moreover, aluminum platters can add elegance to a dinner that is very special. They can be decorative or plain; vintage platters may have engravings within the metal.

Hand-crafted platters are used by many to bring tradition to a holiday dinner. Platters in the shape of a turkey may add a bit of whimsy to the Thanksgiving meal. For Christmas, winter-themed platters also can be traditional or whimsical porcelain. Glass and ceramic platters, along with crystal, are also elegant festive additions to the holiday table.